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Bring a friend

A Bring a Friend evening is the ideal tool for any Group which is looking to recruit young people or open more sections.

The idea is that all of the young people are given the opportunity to invite a friend along to participate in a normal meeting of the Colony, Pack or Troop. Encourage your current Scouts to get involved by spending a meeting making bring a friend badges. Award one badge for every friend they bring to a future meeting. Another idea could be to make personal invitations and decide who the invitation will be given to.

On the evening it is important that the activities you choose to run are easily accessible for those who are not currently members. Consider activities such as rocket building, games nights or an evening of different activity bases.

As young people leave the meeting, it’s the ideal time to offer them the opportunity to join the Scout Group. Encourage parents to attend some of the meeting, so you can meet them and tell them more about Scouting. Remember that the parents of new young people in Scouting are potential adult volunteers.

It is important to ensure that young people understand that the aim  is to recruit new members into the section. They should invite someone who would be able to join the section. For example, their friend should be within the required age range and living near the Group.