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Recruiting parents

Forty-five per cent of new section leaders come from parents of children already in your Group or waiting to join. Involving parents in running your Section or Group is a great way to show them what Scouting is about and how they can help.

Whilst many parents drop off and pick up their child from section meetings, few realise that scouting is not just a section meeting – there is a whole host of other roles that are on offer. They also have a vested interest in keeping local scouting strong.

Make time to talk to parents at the beginning or end of meetings, and try to find out:

  • their skills
  • their availability
  • what they might like from a volunteering role
  • what they are able and willing to do.

When you know these things, you will be able to tailor a role to meet these things, which in turn will encourage them to become more involved in Scouting, be happier in their role and stay involved for longer.

Use A Parent’s Guide to Scouting to provide parents with more information about Scouting and about how they can get involved. It can be a helpful conversation starter!