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Team Challenge

Activity name:


Team Challenge Competition


Short description:


A series of tasks to be completed by patrols/teams within a given time, and at particular times. Can be run as a points exercise, or non-competitively depending on your Troop.


Equipment: Garden canes
Rope (thin)
White paper
Tea bags

Pack of cards per team
20 objects for Kim’s game
Ordnance Survey map
Sling (or Uniform Scarf)

also see instruction sheet




From 60 minutes to 120 minutes


Instructions: – Split the Section into Patrols/teams
– Each team is given an area (e.g. Patrol corner) where they are to present all their work at the deadline
– Give each team a copy of the instruction sheet. This details tasks to complete before the deadline (write the time on the sheet) and tasks that have to be attempted by named team members at given times
– The purpose of the exercise is to get the most points, which are added up after the deadline
– Points should be recorded by the leader responsible for each task

The tasks to be completed before the deadline are:
– Make words from the letters of the Scout Motto
– Draw a picture of a team member
– Build a flag pole and make a flag
– Make a cup of tea
– Build a house of cards
– Word game using the letters SCOUTING
– Code-breaking exercise

Tasks that must be attempted at given times are:
– Observation Exercise (Kim’s Game)
– Knot tying
– Map Symbols
– Arm Sling
– Map orientation
– Word Search

It is best to have one leader accompanying each team so that they can keep strictly to time, though it is the team’s responsibility to ensure that names are added to the task sheet, and that the named people are ready to begin the tasks on time