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Blind Tazers

Blind Tazers

Place two rolled up newspapers in center of play area. These are tazers, swords, clubs, whatever you want.

Blindfold two scouts and have them stand opposite each other at edge or corners of area.

On ‘Go’ signal, the two scouts are spun around three times and sat down facing the center.

They crawl to the center to locate a tazer.

Once a scout has his tazer, he tries to tag the other scout with it.

First scout to touch the other with his tazer wins, whether purposefully or accidentally.

Players must stay on knees (no standing).

Each tazer has a safety switch so it must be in your hand when touching your opponent (no throwing).

Observers should form the play area and redirect players towards the center and away from bumping into obstacles.

Directions and support from the sidelines is encouraged (keeps everyone involved).