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Matching Pairs

Matching Pairs
Take 2 pieces paper and write the same word on each. Repeat using different words. The game is played as a team relay, you need 10 pairs of words for each team, so if you have 3 teams you’ll need 30 pairs of words. We used Scouting themes words but you can tailor the words to the theme of your night.

Lay all the pieces of paper at one end of the room face down, Scouts line up at the other end in teams. On ‘go’ the first team members run and pick up a piece of paper and bring back to their team placing face up on the floor, then the second member runs and gets a paper, and so on continuously.
If a team manages to collect a matching pair they put that to one side, one point.
Teams are not allowed more than 10 unpaired pieces of paper, once they get to 10 they must swap, take a piece back to the end of the room placing it face down and pick up another piece.
Team with the most pairs wins, depending on how long you want to play, we stopped at 10.
The trick is to watch other teams returning their paper to swap , remembering the word on it and where it’s placed.