Matching Pairs

Matching Pairs
Take 2 pieces paper and write the same word on each. Repeat using different words. The game is played as a team relay, you need 10 pairs of words for each team, so if you have 3 teams you’ll need 30 pairs of words. We used Scouting themes words but you can tailor the words to the theme of your night.

Lay all the pieces of paper at one end of the room face down, Scouts line up at the other end in teams. On ‘go’ the first team members run and pick up a piece of paper and bring back to their team placing face up on the floor, then the second member runs and gets a paper, and so on continuously.
If a team manages to collect a matching pair they put that to one side, one point.
Teams are not allowed more than 10 unpaired pieces of paper, once they get to 10 they must swap, take a piece back to the end of the room placing it face down and pick up another piece.
Team with the most pairs wins, depending on how long you want to play, we stopped at 10.
The trick is to watch other teams returning their paper to swap , remembering the word on it and where it’s placed.

Speed Dating

This game is a great way for kids to get to know each other and break out of their comfort zone a little. 

Each YP sits on a chair which are arranged in two concentric circles. Half sit in a small circle facing out and the other half in a larger circle facing inwards. Make sure that the chairs are facing each other and there are an equal amount of chairs in the inside circle as well as the outside circle. 

The Leader reads a question and the YP tells the person opposite them their answer. After a few minutes the Leader asks the YP to reveal the answer that the person opposite told them (not their own answer)

Depending on numbers all YP can be asked to reveal or just a random selection.

The outer circle of YP then move one seat clockwise and the Leader asks another question.

Here is a list of example questions :

– What’s your name?
– What month were you born?
– What’s your favourite colour?
– What’s your favourite food?
– What do you want to be when you grow up?
– Who’s your favourite celebrity?
– What’s your favorite song?
– What’s your favourite TV programme?
– What’s your favourite pizza topping?
– What’s your middle name?

Star Bases

Star Bases

Required: small soft plastic or foam balls

Notes: Keep an eye out for anyone throwing excessively hard.

The Empire has sent a group of star cruisers to destroy your rebel bases. Your job is to defend your base as long as possible.
If played in a smaller group, one scout is the attacking star cruiser. 
If played in a large group, one patrol are the attackers.
The attackers gather at one end of the play area. They are given the balls to use as interstellar missiles. All other players scatter around the play area and stand with their feet spread more than shoulder-width apart. These are the Bases. 

A base is destroyed when a ball passes between their legs. They can protect their base by bending at the waist and catching or deflecting thrown balls. They may not bend their knees.

When a base is destroyed, that scout sits out.

Star cruisers can take up to 3 steps while carrying a missile, but only if they make star cruiser noises ( whatever those may be 🙂 ).

If a star cruiser carrying a missile comes within 10 feet of a base, the gravitational pull will destroy the cruiser. (this is to give the bases a chance.) A destroyed cruiser stands on the sidelines until the round is over.

The last base alive is the attacking star cruiser for the next round, or his patrol becomes the attackers.
Referees along the sidelines may be needed, depending on the trustworthiness of the players. 

Port and Starboard

Port & Starboard

Leader ( ”Captain”) calls out orders if a Scout (“Crew”) does not follow an order correctly, s/he is out.


Port: Run to the left side of the boat (one end of the room)

Starboard: Run to the right side of the boat (the other end of the room)

Hit the deck: lay down on your stomach (or if players don’t want to get dirty, they can crouch down) 

Attention on deck: salute and yell, “Aye, aye captain!” — players may not move now until the captain gives the order of, “At ease!” (ie even if the captain gives a different order such as “port” the crew must continue to remain at attention until told “at ease”) 

Three men in a boat: the crew must form groups of three and sing “Row, row, row your boat” Anybody who is not in a group of three is out. 

Helicopters : Crew turn around on the spot with their arms outstretched.

Clear the deck: everyone must have their feet up off the floor 

Scrub the deck: everyone on their knees scrubbing 

Captain’s Quarters: everyone ran towards the captain and line up in a straight line in front of him/her.

Man-over-board: Players must find a partner as quickly as possible.  One partner must lay on their stomach while the other places their foot on their partner’s back.  Children without a partner or pairs that are too slow are eliminated. 

Up Periscope: Every player falls on their back and sticks one leg in the air.  The last ones are eliminated. 

SHARK!!!!: Everyone must run to a designated base (multiple bases can be used).  The last player to the base is eliminated. 

Crow’s nest: All players must find a partner.  The lightest player rides on their partner’s back.  Those without partners or who assemble the crow’s nest too slowly are eliminated. 

Sick turtle: Everyone falls onto their backs and waves hands and feet in the air. 

Bow: Run to the front of the boat 

Stern: Run to the back 

Row the Boat: Each player finds a partner, sits face to face, holds hands, and pretends to row a boat.  Players who can’t find partners or who are too slow are eliminated.

To make the game less competitive, players do not get “out.” Instead, if the captain notices that they do not follow an order, they must stand out for a count of 20.

Black to Back / Red to Run

Black to Back / Red to Run

Line the young people in equal groups (Lodges, Sixes, Patrols)

Give each group a shuffled pack of playing cards placed face down on a chair in front of the line.

When the game starts the first in line turns a card over. If the card is a black card then the person goes to the back of the line, if it’s a red card then they run to a cone at the end of the hall and back again. 

When the young person gets back they go to the back of the line and the next in line turns a card. The game ends when all the cards have been used.

This game could be amended to get the young people to perform a task at the end of the room, like tie a reef knot or give then a prize or sweet when they run to the end.

Cludo Wide Game

Cluedo Wide Game

Turn the classic board game in to a wide game

A set of “Leaders” cards showing the murder weapon, location and characters.
A check sheet for the Scouts showing all of the above.
A number of leaders/adults, more the better but works well with 4-5.
Pens or pencils.

Click the link below to open a PDF file containing the rules and the cards to print out yourself.

Remove one card each of the murder weapon, location, and character.
Keep these three cards save and away from any preying scouts. (this is how, where and who did the murder)
The remaining cards are handed equally between the leaders and they wonder off around the playing area ready for the scouts to find.

The games starts.
The scouts either individually or in small groups run off to find the leaders.
When they get to a leader they select a item from their check list (weapon, location, character) and ask the leader if they have that card.
If the leader has the card mentioned he shows the scout it and they tick it off their list. (this shows that the card is in ply and can not have been used in the murder.
The leader marks the scouts check list with a number and the scouts run off to find another leader and repeats the above.
The scouts can not ask for more than one card from the same leader, they have to find a different leader before they can return. This is why the leader marks their card to show they have been to another leader before returning.
Once the scout is happy that he thinks he knows which three cards are missing he approaches the leader and tell them his selection.
If correct and are first they are the winner.

Tips: mark the cards with a number so you know who has solved the murder in the lease number of visits.
Limit the scouts a 3 guesses so they have to solve the murder and not just go guessing

Cludo Cards

Miss Scarlett
Colonel Mustard
Mrs. White
Reverend Green
Mrs. Peacock
Professor Plum

Lead pipe

Dining Room
Games Room


First Aid Themed Games

First Aid Themed Games

Two-Man Carry Relay

Number each scout on each team. 

#1 and #2 carry #3 using a four-hand seat carry for conscious victim to end and back.

#2 and #3 carry #4. 

Continue through scouts. 

Next-to-Last and Last carry #1. 

Last and #1 carry #2.

If a victim touches the ground, stop and do some penalty, re-form the carry and continue. 


Stretcher Relay:

Need two staffs and a blanket for each team to create stretchers. Also need paper cups and water.

#1 and #2 create a stretcher and carry #3 to end and take stretcher apart. Each scout brings back one piece of the stretcher.

#2 and #3 carry #4. Continue through scouts. Next-to-Last and Last carry #1. Last and #1 carry #2.

Bonus: Have the victim carry a paper cup of water. The team with the most water left gets a bonus. 

Arm Sling Relay:

Teams line up in relay formation with one scout acting as victim and standing in front of his team 30 feet away. All other people have their neckerchiefs on properly. 

The first scout on each team runs to the victim, asks what is wrong, and applies an arm sling to the arm indicated. 

When the judge sees that the sling is correct, he calls out “Cured!”. 

The scout removes the sling and becomes the victim. The previous victim runs back to touch the next member of his team. This continues until all on the team have been victim and rescuer. 


Pressure Pad Relay:

Teams line up in relay formation with one scout acting as victim and sitting in front of his team 30 feet away. All other scouts have their neckerchiefs on properly. 

The first scout on each team runs to the victim, asks what is wrong, and applies his neckerchief folded into a pressure pad where indicated. 

When the judge sees that the pad is correct, he calls out “Cured!”. 

The scout removes the pad and becomes the next bleeding victim. The previous victim runs back to touch the next member of his team and puts his neckerchief back on. 

This continues until all on the team have been victim and rescuer. 

Blind Football

Blind Football

Everyone stands in a circle facing inward with feet spread more than shoulder width apart. Outside of foot should touch outside of neighbor’s foot. Legs must be kept straight during gameplay.

Between your legs is your goal to protect. You can use your hands to bat the ball away from your goal and into another scout’s goal. You can not hold or throw the ball.

If the ball goes between your legs, you must put one hand behind your back and now only use one hand for guarding your goal.

If the ball goes between your legs again, you are out of the game and the circle adjusts to fill in your gap.

Play until there are only 2 scouts left or have them play directly across from each other.

Blind Tazers

Blind Tazers

Place two rolled up newspapers in center of play area. These are tazers, swords, clubs, whatever you want.

Blindfold two scouts and have them stand opposite each other at edge or corners of area.

On ‘Go’ signal, the two scouts are spun around three times and sat down facing the center.

They crawl to the center to locate a tazer.

Once a scout has his tazer, he tries to tag the other scout with it.

First scout to touch the other with his tazer wins, whether purposefully or accidentally.

Players must stay on knees (no standing).

Each tazer has a safety switch so it must be in your hand when touching your opponent (no throwing).

Observers should form the play area and redirect players towards the center and away from bumping into obstacles.

Directions and support from the sidelines is encouraged (keeps everyone involved).

Balloon Hot Potato Game

Balloon Hot Potato Game
6 or more balloons
slips of paper, pencil

Write messages on the paper, slip one in each balloon, and blow them up.
The messages could be like:
‘Recite the Scout Promise’
‘Tell the Scout Motto’
‘Tell 3 components needed for a fire’
Or, any other questions about your theme.

The group stands in a circle. The leader has the balloons. One at a time, a balloon is passed from player to player around the circle, until the leader blows a whistle. The player holding the balloon when the whistle blows goes to the center of the circle and sits on the balloon until it pops. He reads the note and performs the action or answers the question contained in the message.