Blue Peter Badges

The children have to write about 150 words about something they have achieved in life that they are proud of. Doesn’t have to be amazing, just something they are proud of. Send it off to Blue Peter (Unfortunately every one has to be sent individually) Then sit back and wait until they come back with letters and a badge.
Gets the children into hundreds of attractions free. A massive hit with the parents, and i have never seen children so excited as when they turned up at cubs with the badges.
It does take up to eight weeks for them to reply though.
It has to have their own addresses on too, so worth checking with parents it is ok.

Sales Pitch

Split the children into four groups and then give them an object, wooden spoon, tray, colander is a big success, any thing you want. They have to do a sales pitch for this object (like a tv ad), but they don’t sell it what it is, they have to pretend it is for something different. (this can be an interesting adult game too!)
They need a price, a place they can buy it from and any deals. Anything funny to get them sold.
Then you have a judge who decides which they would buy, based on the adverts, not the product. (Entertainers Badge!)

Egg Parachutes

Egg Parachutes
Give the children sellotape, newspaper, scissors and string and a normal egg (NOT BOILED).
They have to build a vessel of some sort to stop it breaking when dropped from a height of 8ft.
A third of the egg must be on show and can not be totally wrapped in sellotape.
A massive success this one with us.


Halfords do a bike maintenance night. They teach the cubs how to change a tyre when it has a puncture, basic maintenance and other problems. (They also gave goodies to us when we went – as prizes)

Canal River Trust

​On behalf of the Explorers Team from Canal and River Trust, which is the Education wing of the charity. 

Based at Fradley Junction ( DE137DN), but have a group based near Stoke as well. They go into schools to take assemblies, hold regular family days at Fradley Junction and go into uniformed group meetings to lead activities. They  also have uniformed groups come to the canal side when weather permits. 

The main activities they would have are


Build a canal

Water safety


Guided lock trail

Pond dipping

Habitats trail

Scavenger Hunt

Minibeast Hunt

Many other activities are linked directly to badges for uniformed groups and these can be found in full on their website .

Visits from them or to the canal side can be booked through the website.

Activities are mostly designed for the 7 to 11 age group but most can be adapted. 

Jelly Baby Table Football

Make a Jelly Baby table football as part of their creative activity badge.

Maltesers can be used as footballs & every time they score they got to eat the Malteser .

Rubbish teams can be eaten & replaced with new players. Lots of sweets required!

Spaghetti Towers

Challenge your Scouts to build a tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows.

Top tips :

To anchor the tower cut the bottom layer of marshmallows in half they will stick to the table.

Pyramids are more stable than squares

Use small marshmallows towards the top, the weight of large ones may collapse the tower.

For lots more shapes and sizes just Google, “marshmallow spaghetti towers”

Trading Post

The trading post game


Each team starts with 1 length of rope then buys and sells to earn as many credits as possible in the time limit. There is a list of “products” each team can make and also a list of equipment they may need to make the products. When a “product” is sold to the trading post it is kept, so new rope and poles etc. must be bought. Each item on the list can be made only once by each Cub, so some teaching may be required. At any point the trading post may decide to change some of their prices due to market conditions.

Stuff tobuy”:

  • 1 length of rope – 1 credit
  • 1 piece of paper – 1 credit
  • 1 pen – 1 credits
  • A bamboo cane – 2 credits
  • A piece of string – 1 credit
  • A triangular bandage – 4 credits
  • A cup of water – 1 credit
  • Instructions for any knot – 2 credits
  • A map – 5 credits
  • A compass – 3 credits
  • Morse Code sheet – 5 credits

Stuff tosell”:

  • A poem (written down) – 2 credits
  • A drawing – 2 credits
  • A reef knot – 4 credits
  • A bowline – 4 credits
  • Perform a handstand for 30 seconds – 2 credits
  • A verbal Cub Promise – 1 credit
  • A written Cub law – 5 credits
  • A written Cub Promise – 5 credits
  • A sixteen point compass on paper – 4 credits
  • A paper aeroplane that travels at least ¾ of the room – 4 credits
  • A cross using a strong square lashing, 2 canes and string – 8 credits
  • A correct demonstration of the recovery position – 4 credits
  • A correctly positioned and tied arm sling – 6 credits
  • A gargled (water) Christmas carol – 3 credits
  • A team performance of the National Anthem – 8 credits
  • The names, addresses and telephone numbers of every member of the team, written down – 10 credits
  • 6 figure grid reference of a church on the map – 10 credits
  • A cup out of a piece of paper that holds water – 2 credits
  • Compass bearing from the door to the flag pole – 5 credits
  • The Cub Motto in Morse Code – 10 credits

Leaders – Stuff to Pack

  • Tiddlywinks (for money)
  • 8 pieces of rope
  • Paper
  • Pens
  • 16 bamboo canes
  • Ball of string
  • 6 triangular bandages
  • 4 OS maps
  • 8 plastic cubs
  • Bottle of water
  • 4 compasses
  • Knot instructions – Reef knot , bowline
  • Scissors