Past and Present Groups in the area

There have been 118 Scout Groups within our three Districts, less than half remain now, each numbered sequentially from the date of opening, some are listed below :

1st PorthillNewcastle District
6th DresdenThree Towns District
7th WellingtonPotteries North District
8th St John’sThree Towns District (closed & merged with Heron Cross 2023)
10th LongportClosed 2002 ?
11th KidsgrovePotteries North District
12th TunstallPotteries North District
13th AlsagerPotteries North District
14th BasfordNewcastle District
15th St GilesNewcastle District
16th ParkhallThree Towns District
18th Blythe BridgeThree Towns District
19th Red StreetNewcastle District
21st HartshillThree Towns District
22nd StokeThree Towns District
25th Knutton MethodistNewcastle District
26th St Gregory’sThree Towns District
27th CobridgeClosed 2004 ?
34th Meir ParkClosed 2016
36th St Wulstan’s OwnNewcastle District
40th Stockton BrookPotteries North District
45th 1st Ashley Air ScoutsNewcastle District
47th BlurtonThree Towns District (closed 2019)
51st SmallthornePotteries North District
58th CaverswallThree Towns District
59th NewchapelPotteries North District
60th EdenhurstNewcastle District
65th MadeleyNewcastle District
67th BurslemPotteries North District
69th Church Lawton & Scholar GreenPotteries North District
72nd Priory Scout Group1967 proposed amalgamation of Hanford and Trentham Scouts Group – never opened
74th SilverdaleNewcastle District
77th – 1st AudleyNewcastle District
79th ClaytonNewcastle District
82nd FentonClosed 2001 ?
84th Biddulph MoorPotteries North District
85th MiltonPotteries North District
87th Holy TrinityNewcastle District
89th Stoke Sea ScoutsThree Towns District
94th St John’s KeeleNewcastle District
96th Whitmore & Baldwins GateNewcastle District
97th Rode HeathPotteries North District
99th Berry HillPotteries North District
100th ChellClosed 2004
103rd Newcastle-under-Lyme SchoolNewcastle District
105th WerringtonPotteries North District
107th St Andrew’s WestlandsNewcastle District
113th GoldenhillClosed 2009 ?
114th TrenthamThree Towns District
116th Heron CrossThree Towns District (closed & merged with St.Johns 2023)
118th St Augustine’sThree Towns District (Opened 2023)
124th St.Johns Heron CrossThree Towns District (Opened 2023)